Yes!  Our dream is for everyone to be transparent in what they are doing.  You are a great French teacher and others may need your support.  Make your plans visible for others to see so that you can help them be as successful as you are.  For this to happen, you must open a Boutique and set the sharing permissions in your Workspace.

Of course! Some of us prefer our plans to be private. No problem. Use the tool so that you can stay organized just for yourself, and eventually, you may want to share your successes in the future.

Easy! All you have to do is go to the dayplan section on the site and get planning.  Click on your username to get to your Workspace.  Once there you will see a category titled My Dayplans. Otherwise, you can access your plans quickly by clicking on the Dayplans link at the top of the mainpage. Then follow the Start Planning link and it will bring you to your montly plan view.

While making plans, you will see a section to add a resource.  In order for you to add this resource, it has to have been already uploaded into your Boutique, saved to your Resource Bank, or Purchased from another Boutique. Click the +resource button to add a resource to your plan and you will see the resource appear on the right side of your lesson.

The dayplanning tool is FREE and always will be. We believe planning and organizing is one of the keys to success in teaching, and so we’ve made it available for free. What’s better than that? Have an idea for something that you think would be useful in the dayplanner? Please let us know here.

Dayplans are a place where you can organize all of your teaching activities and plans. You can put as much, or as little detail as you like. You can include resources and links to resources that you will use. You can share it with everyone (if you have a Boutique), or you can keep it to yourself and plan privately. You can copy dayplans of teachers or Boutique owners who have been doing the job for years. You can Print and Save to pdf as well for your administration.

Weekly plans are plans that you use throughout the week.  They are organized into a 5 day block.   The weekly view gives you a “week at a glance” so that you can see what you are up to that week.  

Think of this as PD for others.  With the lack of resources and planning time, this is a great way for us to collaborate with one another to achieve our common goal - get our students to speak French!

I may want to keep my plans private because I am not ready to put myself out there.  I also am a private person by nature and like to keep to myself.  I use the tool though because it is a great way to stay organized.  Perhaps one day, I will be ready to share my successes with other colleagues.