Lecture: "Le temps des sucres", Compréhension


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Primary French Immersion: Grade 2/3 or Core French Junior


 Have fun reading with your students about the "Temps des sucres" right after March Break while reinvesting in essential vocabulary about "La cabane à sucre et la fabrication du sirop d'érable". This story is geared towards Primary French Immersion students or Junior Core French students.

Use the text as a guided reading activity, a shared reading activity or include it in one of your literacy centres. Use it too as a summative task! 

Each section of the story has its own text and picture that fit on 1 slide! The story has 11 slides in total. 

Included in the resource are 4 additional slides of comprehension questions and discussion questions. Questions are geared towards written responses. They can be used as an oral task too.

Ready to print or post!

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