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This updated teaching tool in French of 119 pages is the product of many years of work and an exhaustive labor of love. THIS TEACHING TOOL IS BEST USED AFTER THE TEXT OF LE PETIT PRINCE IS READ IN ITS ENTIRETY. Only a few words of English are used. It includes 48 creative lessons of all different types, varying levels of difficulty, integrating with the plot many grammar topics taught at advanced levels of French (subjunctive, compound verb tenses, ordering of pronouns). There are lessons focusing on vocabulary (large crossword puzzles, word families, word themes, word search), activities with verbs in many tenses, common expressions with "avoir", "coup de", "faire", error correction activities, false cognates, integrated reading comprehension lessons, word order rearrangement in sentences, cloze text exercises,making predictions, character identification based on plot, essay writing prompts, a creative poetry exercise, an exhaustive chapter by chapter list of over 200 questions and a mixed grammar activity. Every effort was made to think outside the box and use imagination, as inspired by the main character of the book. Some of the lessons included in this product, sold piecemeal have had very good reviews on this site. Several lessons integrate multiple skills sets and are quite challenging, and would appeal to AP students as well. Please view the Preview file. A very creative lesson on homophones will surely delight educators and students as well. En voici des exemples: 1. En marchant ------ le buveur, le petit prince a vu des *verres* de vin dans ses mains. (VERS) 2. Je ------ que tu t’occupes de la *voie* ferrée >>, a dit le petit prince à l’aiguilleur d’une ----- grave. (VOIS, VOIX) 3. Le buveur se ----------- que ses verres ne sont plus *pleins* de vin. (PLAINT) There is some vocabulary expansion beyond the text as well. Almost every lesson has an answer key, and most are formatted for easy correction of student work. A detailed table of contents is included in the preview file. If you purchase this product, you are given a license for personal and classroom use only, including classroom duplication. You agree not distribute it electronically or by any other means to other parties.
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